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Freemo is a group of companies which have been formed to be the best manufacturers, wholesaler and distributor of Premium Furniture Components.

Freemo Upholstery & Furniture Components Supplier: Where Craftsmanship Meets Quality

In the world of furniture creation and upholstery, Freemo Upholstery & Furniture Components Supplier stands as a beacon of excellence. With a rich history spanning decades, Freemo has established itself as a trusted partner to furniture manufacturers and upholsterers, consistently providing top-tier components and materials that define superior furniture craftsmanship. From a diverse selection of upholstery materials that fuse comfort with aesthetics to dependable, quality-tested components that form the backbone of enduring furniture, Freemo ensures that every piece reflects a commitment to artistry and longevity. Discover the essence of craftsmanship and quality with Freemo.

Where Are We?

Freemo showroom and retail outlet is located at three branches in Johannesburg, Soweto (in South Johannesburg) & Pretoria. There is also a secure street parking directly outside our showrooms and inside our showrooms.

Operational Times: Our Showroom/Retail which is open to the public is open from Monday to Saturday. CLOSED ON SUNDAY Mon – Fri ( 08:00AM – 5pm) & Saturday (8am – 1pm)

Our Branches

Johannesburg Address: 29 Main Reef Road, Longdale, Johannesburg

Contact: 067 267 2103

Email: Info@freemo.co.za

Soweto Address: 6 Stockwell Ave, Nancefield, Soweto, 1451

Contact: 011 945 5650

Email: Info@freemo.co.za

Pretoria Address: 290 Soutter St, Pretoria West, Pretoria, 0183

Contact: 012 881 1313

Email: Info@freemo.co.za


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